Since its establishment in 1997, G&G Enterprise is a company specializing in seamless clothing based on solid technology.

We make comfortable clothes that consider the human body once more and produce 3D knit products using eco-friendly manufacturing methods and materials.

SEKANSEEN Eco-friendly knitwear, SEKANSKEEN. A brand that develops seamless lifestyle clothing using eco-friendly materials with the slogan of comfort on skin

We aim to realize a future where humans, nature, and technology coexist through continuous technology development. We are expanding the definition of eco-friendly knitwear through a production method that reduces common clothing production waste.

We will continue researching production methods and materials that are beneficial to our body and the planet with the core values of 'Use of Eco-friendly Materials', 'Aiming for Eco-friendly Advanced Engineering Methods', 'Maximization of the Automated Process', and 'Minimization of Skin Irritation'.

  • Use of eco-friendly materials
  • Minimize skin irritation
  • Pursuit of advanced eco-friendly construction methods
  • Maximization of automated processes
  • Feel like my skin
  • Style that doesn't change over time
  • The ultimate fit that understood the body